Our billing system is in principle based on the submitted quotation.
The translation fee is calculated by one of the following methods:
- Number of characters or number of words of source language
- Number of characters or number of words of target language
- Number of bytes
- Set price including the cost of DTP
- Use of translation support tool such as TRADOS
We will provide a quotation calculated in the method you request to enable you to compare our quotation.
Additional fees may be charged for highly specialized content.


DTP (make-up)
The price varies according to the application software, number of characters, illustration processing method and number of illustrations, flow chart, tabulation complexity, etc. We will meet every requirement.

Interpreter dispatch
Time-based price for up to eight hours per day, additional 25% for extra hours according to terms of Labor Standard Law. The transportation fee, dining fee and other necessary fees will be billed.
The minimum daily charge will be four hours.


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